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Editorial review

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Pedro Castro Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 6.0
Desktop Gadgets is a feature of Windows 7, although something quite similar appeared with Windows Vista by the name Windows Side Bar. These gadgets became very popular among both users and developers due to their availability right from the desktop.
Most of them are intended for simple functions such as showing the current time and date and information about system status while others may come with some applications, as, for example, the antivirus software. However, Windows 8 does not readily support gadgets. If you are one of those users who miss these widgets, 8GadgetPack is a solution allowing you to use this feature even though you are running Windows 8.

8GadgetPack works not only as a side bar allowing you to run gadgets, it also comes as a complete package containing standard gadgets and a few more. Therefore, besides the well-known Clock, Calendar, Currency, CPU Meter, Picture Puzzle and My Weather, the package also includes Agenda, Clipboarder, App Launcher, Control System and many others. Using 8GadgetPack is very simple. In fact, there is nothing new to learn. Just after you install the feature, you can use it just as you have always done.


  • It comes with a complete pack of gadgets.
  • It is easy to use.


  • Sometimes it fails to start along with the system.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.
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What's new in version 13.0

Added high-dpi support. Gadgets shouldn't appear too small anymore.
Added a separate uninstaller tool (here) to fix broken installations.
Started to work on Windows 10 support. Most of the gadgets work on Windows 10, but not all.
Updated outdated gadgets.
Added iBattery gadget and a japanese calendar gadget (only visible on japanese Windows versions).

Publisher's description

8GadgetPack is a program that installs desktop gadgets on your computer. You will get improved system monitoring tools, weather applications, calendars, CPU Meter, Currency Meter, Recycle Bin, Power Status and many other. You can also shutdown/restart the computer using the shutdown gadget.

Latest comments

  All comments (5)
  • 12
    Guest Last year

    It is beautiful, but gives errors and crashes and so I going to uninstall it.

  • 1
    Ian Oakes Last year

    The best replacement I tried.

  • 7
    Gaurav Kumar Last year

    Good replacement for gadgets in Windows 8/8.1.